Our Brand

Our Name

Individuality is a distinctive factor that sets us apart at Akquasun Group. This uniqueness is a quality we have chosen to extend from our very foundation: our name itself. Our preference to affix the letter K – making ourselves known as AKQUA SUN is far from arbitrary or decorative. It represents Knowledge – our core strength that upholds all we do: specialised knowledge of our business, our customer requirements and our field of operations. It also denotes Know-how – a characteristic that sets our team apart; and our offering to the industry, singularly exceptional. We are, therefore, creating a strong and unmistakable identity that embodies our personality in a memorable way.

Our Tagline

“creating the moment”

Whether it’s holiday or a corporate event it’s all about creating  a special moment. A moment that our customers will remember. An experience that they will cherish.

Our Logo