What We Do

Akquasun is a global destination management company. Operating on a Business to Business (B2B) philosophy, Akquasun assists tour operators and agents to offer the highest quality and value products and services in each destination served. We assist Tour Operators, Tourism Boards, Travel Houses, Resorts and Service Providers in destinations around the world to build relationships in the countries we are represented in. Akquasun Group is committed to the agency, supplier and product association which has been the hallmark of our success wherever we have established a presence around the globe.

In order to deliver excellence, we only provide services in destinations where we own and manage our own DMC. Our objective is to deliver the best that a destination has to offer and create unforgettable memories for the guests we serve on behalf of our partners. The range of products we offer include the following:-

Groups & FIT’s
Back-to-Back Tours & Charters
Hotel Bookings, Transfers & Excursions
Luxury Holidays
Special Interest Tours & Events
Weddings & Honeymoons