About the Country

Akquasun Seychelles
Akquasun Seychelles came about as a result of the partnership between Akquasun Group and Luxury Travel, a premier in-bound Destination Management Services company and tour operator in Seychelles, which excels in providing top quality, high end in-bound tourism products and services. From customized vacation packages to specific hotel selections to excursions to itemized group holidays.

Akquasun Seychelles & its team of happy islanders are inspired and driven by a desire to provide a highly personal and attentive service whilst sharing with our clients the intimacy and heart-beat of our unique islands, their colorful friendly people with rich traditions. Through our welcome, professional services and variety of excursions and tours we take pride in sharing with individuals and groups alike the beauty and way of life of our island home.

Precious for countless reasons- Seychelles islands boast 43 granite and 72 coralline islands – all unique in their own ways and waiting to be explored. The rich diversity is equally reflected through its people, who are warm, friendly and colorful race as a result of their different backgrounds.

With year round warm, humid tropical climate, the islands are welcoming through the year. The land and sea are proud homes to two world heritage sites, beaches voted amongst the best in the world, gentle giant and tortoises, whale sharks and visitors and rich marine life. Culture and traditions are shown through the diversity of the peoples, colors, and looks, extending to culinary fusions of Asian and African cuisines.

Why choose Seychelles

  • Year round tropical climate with warm air and sea temperature throughout of the year
  • Island hoping experience with each islands having its own unique charm, atmosphere and scenery
  • The islands are surrounded by nature: Lush green mountains, unique granite boulders, pure white sands and crystal clear turquoise waters.
  • Rich in biodiversity on both the island and in the sea.
  • Clean, unpolluted air, and free from natural calamities
  • Cyclone free
  • Experiencing vary from cruising the islands, hiking nature trials, visiting world heritage sites, diving, fishing, snorkeling, picnics on secluded beach, cultural tours of the islands, dancing to music by bonfires or simply relaxing with a local coconut cocktail.