Moving Forward

Akquasun has begun a new chapter in the growth of the company as Expolanka recently became a co-shareholder of the company. Expolanka is renowned globally for their customer service excellence, high business ethics and a well-trained and committed workforce. The synergy of Expolanka with Akquasun has brought a clear vision and enhanced investment, elevating Akquasun’s global positioning.

With its initial roots in South East Asia, India has emerged to occupy top share of the market, with Akquasun expanding to cater to global giants such as China, Russia and the Middle East through its network of offices worldwide.

The Akquasun Group strides forward with greater impetus in a growing industry with a mission to be the experts in global destination management. By utilizing technology for continued growth and improving connectivity between agents and suppliers, Akquasun looks to the future by exploring new areas and innovative processes. The expertise of the well trained and friendly staff allows the group to offer seamless solutions for businesses catering to the tourism industry.