Muslim Tours

As the exclusive managing partner to the Muslim Travel Warehouse, Akquasun is geared to provide excellent services to Muslim travellers around the globe. Muslim Travel Warehouse is a dedicated platform offering leisure solutions to the Global Muslim Traveller. The platform works with DMC’s and Distributors across the globe to bring in first class Muslim Travel Solutions to the discerning traveller. Muslim Travel Warehouse product will include products and leisure solutions from all over the world.

Muslim tour package features

  • Accommodation provided in Crescent rated hotels (Crescent rating is the global authority on Halal travel).
  • Prayer timetables, prayer directions provided.
  • Excursions to popular Muslim sites.
  • Opportunities to connect with the local Muslim community provided whenever possible.
    In a situation when Crescent rated hotels are not available, the package will offer Halal food to the travellers